When Does “Termite Season” Start?

When Does “Termite Season” Start?

Like most bugs, termite activity typically peaks during warmer weather. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to start watching for signs of a termite problem as early as spring. However, termites are unique in that they never actually stop being active during a particular season.

Termites During Winter

During the winter, many bugs will either enter hibernation or a similar state called diapause. Termites, on the other hand, remain awake and active throughout the cold months of the year. Their activity just may not be as visible.

To get through the winter, damp wood and dry wood termites often shelter inside stumps, logs, or dead trees. Subterranean termites tunnel farther underground, where temperatures tend to be more stable.

Some termites will also spend winter inside human homes. This problem can go undetected for a long time because the termites will spend most of their time hidden inside walls or wooden beams in the crawl space or attic.

The Start of Termite Season: Early Spring

Termite infestations spread when swarmers (winged, reproductive members of a colony) take off to start colonies of their own. “Termite season” begin when swarmers start getting active and flying around. This swarming behavior can last from mid-March until early fall, depending on the species and the weather. During this time frame, you’ll typically see the most swarmers when it’s about 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside following a rainy day.

Once swarmers find a place to settle down and start a colony, they’ll drop their wings. If you see discarded wings around your property, then there’s a chance that you could have a termite infestation. Each termite has two sets of wings for a total of four, and all are the same length (unlike ants, which have two smaller wings and two bigger ones). Colorwise, the wings can be brown, gray, white, or come in a pale, translucent tone.

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