Rodent Control

Rodents make up the most numerous group of mammals, with 2277 species, accounting for 41% of the known mammals. They are a very diverse group in both size and habitat, ranging from the South American capybara weighing up to 145lbs, to the Baluchistan pygmy jerboa, the female adults of which weigh less than one tenth of a pound.

Rodents can cause tremendous property damage to homes and businesses and most species of rodent have health risks associated with them. This is why Westwood Pest Control offers rodent removal services and can help you get rid of rodents and prevent their return.

Rodent Control

Rodents are found on every continent except Antarctica. They live in a wide range of different habitats from snow-covered tundra to hot deserts.

The most common nuisance rodents encountered in our service area are mice and rats. Both invade our homes and businesses for the same reasons. Food, water and a warm dry shelter for reproductive purposes. With the extremely short gestational period and the large litters of offspring it won’t take long for one to become many. If you see evidence of their presence-droppings, destroyed food products and strange noises in your walls and ceilings it’s time to call!

The distinguishing feature of rodents is a pair of continuously growing, incisor teeth in their upper and lower jaw. These teeth grow throughout the life of the rodent so it must continuously wear them down to prevent them becoming too long.

Rodents cause immense economic losses worldwide by:

  • Consuming, damaging and contaminating food in the field, in storage throughout the food chain and in the home;
  • Damaging structures, buildings, bridges, sewers, and cabling etc, by gnawing and burrowing; and
  • Damaging and contaminating goods such as packaging, clothing, and furniture.

Droppings, sounds such as scratching and squeaking, and harm from gnawing are some signals that rodents might at your property.

If you’ve got a rodent infestation, it’s essential to deal with it immediately before it becomes worse.

In order to frustrate rodents’ efforts to dwell at your home or business, try to get rid of places where they might be able to nest – such as piles of leaves. Also, close up holes tightly to prevent rodents from getting in.

Handling rodent issues is best done by a pest control professional.

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