Spider Control

In nature, spiders do a lot of good. They eat pesky insects, like mosquitos and flies. However, some species of spiders can do more harm than good – mainly black widow and brown recluse spiders. Even non-venomous spiders can cause you problems when they become invasive and overrun your home. If you are struggling with spiders, call our spider control specialists in Greater Boston. Westwood Pest Control can help you get spiders out of your home and can help you prevent them from coming back. Trust us for all of your spider removal needs today – we guarantee successful services that eliminate the source of the problem. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to make your home or business a safer and more comfortable place for you today!

Spider Control

Common Spiders Found in the Home

It is not uncommon to find the odd spider in your home. There are many different species of spiders that you may find in your Boston home. Many of these spiders are harmless, such as garden spiders, the common house spider, and cellar spiders (also colloquially known as “daddy-long-legs”). However, their webs and nests can create a mess, and though not venomous, some of these spiders will bite.

Spiders are found throughout the home and tend to prefer dark, undisturbed places like:

  • Attics and basements
  • Crawl spaces
  • Door frames, windows, and eaves
  • Boxes, debris piles, and garbage piles
  • Garages and utility sheds
  • Wood piles

More concerning are black widows. Five species of black widow spiders are native to the U.S. They are easily identifiable by the red hourglass shape located on their back. Male black widows rarely bite, but female black widows will bite when disturbed, especially after laying eggs. These bites can cause severe pain, burning, swelling, and redness. In more extreme situations, you may experience more severe health issues, and if bit, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Though not native to Massachusetts, brown recluse spiders are also a concern. They can be transported to the area, and they are venomous. Like black widows, they tend to bite when disturbed. If you see brown recluse spiders in your home or on your property, call our spider extermination team as soon as possible.

Preventing a Spider Infestation

One of the best ways to prevent spiders from taking over your home is to schedule seasonal pest control services.

You can take measures yourself to deter spiders, including:

  • Keeping your home clear of debris and clutter
  • Cleaning out garden sheds and garages regularly
  • Dust and vacuum your home regularly, especially around bookshelves and boxes
  • Always check before sticking your hand in boxes

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services

Whether you need help eliminating pests or want to prevent an infestation, we can help you create an pest management strategy to effectively control pests with targeted solutions that are environmentally safe and effective.