Back to School Pest Control

Back to School Pest Control

It’s that time of year again, summer is winding down and soon the kids will be heading back to school. Having the kids around less equals less stress for parents, but you still have to be cautious of what your kids may be bringing home. From ants to lice to ticks, there’s always something to worry about. Here’s some tips for back to school pest control.

Keep backpacks clean

Throughout the school year, kids are sure to accumulate clutter in their backpacks, whether its broken pencils, forgotten homework, or scraps of food. All of these things provide an inviting environment for pests. Whether it’s ants after a snack or silverfish looking for starchy paper and books, backpacks are perfect for transporting pests in and out of your home. Clean them regularly to avoid any problems.

Keep Bedding Washed

Bed Bugs, while their name suggests they live in beds, are not very picky. They can travel in clothing and in backpacks and bookbags. If another kid at school has a bed bug problem, it could quickly become a problem for you too. Regularly clean and wash bedding to avoid a bed bug infestation.

Avoid Lice

Ensuring that your kids are educated about lice is important. Somewhere between 6 and 12 million kids get lice every year. They don’t jump or fly, but can travel to the nearest head easily. Make sure your kids don’t share their hats, combs or headbands and you should be in the clear from these nasty little bugs.

Clean and seal lunch boxes

Dirty lunchboxes can be a very lucrative place for fruit flies, ants, and other pests. After a few days of sitting, the leftover food will begin to decompose and invite pests in. The best way to avoid this is by cleaning lunch boxes regularly and keeping food in sealed containers. These few tips should do the trick to keep pests away.

Additional Pest Protection

Although the above tips will discourage pests from coming home from school, if you already have pests in your home, you might be in trouble. Not to worry, Westwood Pest Control has the skills and expertise to eradicate pests from your home so you and your family can live pest free. Call 781-910-4165 today for a free estimate and inspection.

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